LBL Theory


There exists a composite energy that is larger than the physical universe as we know it and that it is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. I call this energy The Creator or The Source.  Religions, spiritually focused entities, and others may refer to this Infinite Energy as GOD, El, Allah, Theos, Deus, or some equivalent aspiration of The Deity.

Not unlike Star Wars’ The Force . . .  Source, Creator, God exists in everything and everyone and simply IS.  As God told Moses, “I AM that I AM.  As we are part of the Creator and the Creator is part of us.  This also means we have the power of  Creator if we could bring it to bear. Positive Thinking, Higher Alignment, Course in Miracles, Abraham & Esther Hicks all have their basic theory related to the I AM that I AM.

That energy is a composite that cannot be accurately defined before it enters or once it exits this Plane of existence. The physics definition of energy is, “the capacity to do work or produce change” and the Law of Energy Conservation says energy may only be changed, never created or destroyed. In keeping with physics, is an electrical definition: energy is an orthogonal electro-magnetic envelope with a set of frequency and amplitude characteristics. This can easily be construed to be a vibrational but unmeasurable mass in or out of this Plane of existence.

That all energy, matter, physical or non-physical was directly or indirectly “sparked”, or “separated” from The Creator energy source. Some of these sparked energies are evolved into “Souls”. My own evolution is so immature that I cannot define or determine what the criteria is for a specific energy compound to have a soul, nor is it my goal to ever do so.

I have a soul and I believe that all human species, that exist, or have existed in this “Movie or Plane” called Physical Earth, have souls.  And we have incarnated ourselves into this continuous series of parallel events and stories called Physical Earth anywhere from one to an unlimited amount of instances over a period of many tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of Physical Earth linear time years.

  • Sparked from Source’s Unconditional Love Plasma – Innocent, unevolved, low vibration, initial nurturing, off-white aura
  • Be introduced to spirit dimension and assigned to a soul group
  • Orientation – Basic training
  • When ready incarnated on a world more mental than physical
  • Resume school
  • Start evolvement from innocence toward Master – Aura vibration similar to rainbow – red-pink -> purple
  • Soul evolvement: Beginner – intermediate – advanced – Lord – Counselor – Master – Ascended Master
  • Only strong souls incarnate to Earth (or similar) – a harsh physical planet
  • Life Selection for an incarnation
  • Choosing a Body
  • Preparation for embarkation
  • Incarnate – Birth (and re-incarnate / re-birth) –
  • Experience – physical life – learn emotions – have fun – (Can enhance evolvement while incarnated)
  • Death of physical body and Departure from body
  • Meet with Spirit Guides / Friends and be guided to “the Light” – Gateway to Spirit Dimension
  • Homecoming – re-join Soul Group – Continue learning – Intermediate and Above teach plus continue classes
  • In between incarnations train for many different careers – aiding souls evolving or science or creating
  • Advanced souls no longer incarnate after evolving to Lord and further evolved
  • When no longer incarnate – continue to evolve and eventually co-join the Unconditional Love of I AM that I AM